A wedding is one of the most joyful and significant events for the two of you, and for such a special day, we offer a special place.


St Catherine's is a popular venue for weddings, which can also be held at St Mary’s. 


The first step is to contact our Parish Office and speak to our Parish Administrator, who will explain the process, answer any initial questions that you might have, reserve the date if you have a specific date in mind and arrange for you to meet with our vicar, to take things forward.


There are certain legalities which have to be met before you can marry.  You can read more about the legal requirements prior to marriage on the Church of England website yourchurchwedding.org, which will also give you details about qualifying to marry in the parish.


Banns or license: legal requirements prior to marriage

If one of you resides in the parish,  is on the church electoral roll, or has a qualifying connection with the church, you may meet the legal requirements prior to marriage by the calling of banns.  Banns are called on three consecutive Sundays within three months of the wedding date in the parish churches of both bride and bridegroom.  At St Catherine's this is usually done on the first three Sundays two-three months prior to your wedding at our 11:00am service.  However, our Parish Administrator will advise you when this will be, so that you may attend and hear the calling of your banns.


If, for a variety of reasons (usually no previous or existing connection with our church, or either of you is not a British national) you do not meet the legal requirements for banns, you will need to apply for a licence to be married here.  Our Parish Administrator will explain to you how to apply for a licence and what conditions will need to be met.