Baptisms (also known as christenings) usually take place at St Catherine's on the first Sunday of the month during the eleven o'clock service. If you would like to arrange a baptism, contact our Parish Administrator either via telephone or email ( 


Normally we expect to offer baptism (christening) for families who currently reside in our Parish.  However if you have connections to St Catherine's or St Mary's we will be pleased to discuss it with you.


Do make contact in good time, as they get booked up in advance. Baptisms at St Mary’s are arranged as necessary; contact us to find out more.


The baptism of a baby is a moment of thanksgiving for the gift of life, and a dedication of that new life to God's purposes.


Whatever the age, baptism is also the moment of initiation into the Church of God. Parents and godparents should be able to make the commitments required of them in the service with honesty and integrity:


The minister asks:

Parents and godparents, you have brought these children to baptism and speak for them today. As we trust God for their growth in faith, will you promise to care for them, pray for them, and help them to follow Christ? 

We will.


Do you turn to Christ?

I turn to Christ.


And put your trust in him?

And put my trust in him.


And promise to follow him for ever?

And promise to follow him for ever.

Some FAQs

Who can be a godparent?

You should choose Christian people who can make their promises and fulfil their role with integrity. There should be at least two of the same sex as the child to be baptized and at least one of the opposite sex. Godparents must be baptized themselves. 


Is there a charge for baptism?

No, but there will be a collection for the church during the service.

How many people can I invite?

There is no particular limit, but please remember:

  • The baptism will be taking place within our normal Sunday service, so you should only invite people who would be comfortable with and willing to participate in Christian worship.
  • The space around the font is limited so if you have a large number of guests they will have limited views of the baptism itself.